Content Marketing Is SEO

Search engine optimization industry has transformed would be described as a massive understatement. In the past years, for any site to stand out within the SERPs (internet search engine search engines), it needed a couple of key important elements:

  • A powerful technical foundation, having a crawlable and clean information architecture (which contained a obvious internal connecting structure)
  • The proper utilization of target key phrases around the page as well as in the Web addresses
  • Key links with specific anchor-text

Just how can “content marketing overtake Search engine optimization completely” when the only method to effective content marketing would be to have Search engine optimization? How will you tear the 2 apart like this?

Fortunately, you will find voices of reason within the cacophony of confusion (e.g., the article above). Careful entrepreneurs have seen the disconnect, and are attempting to explain that Search engine optimization and content marketing match.

The mistake continues. About the most articles which makes this error originates from articles within the Protector, which states: “It appears like Google has fed up with its old friend Search engine optimization and it is rather cosying-to the new kid on the market, content marketing” [sic].

It’s an adorable example, but it’s not accurate. It isn’t as though Search engine optimization and content marketing are a couple of differing people. To gain access to exactly the same metaphor, Search engine optimization and content marketing are really two personas of the identical person.

The issue, then, is based on the disconnect between Search engine optimization and content marketing.

It’s time for you to bring the 2 together again. This is actually the best way you will be effective both in your Search engine optimization as well as your content marketing.

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