Civil Air Patrol - USAF Auxiliary

I am trying to make connections with pilots in the area that might want to participate in the pilot program through Civil Air Patrol – USAF Auxiliary (CAP – USAF). In addition to what I have noted below, they can become qualified to do orientation flights for our cadets 12-21 years old.

Serve Your Community by Doing What You Love CAP pilots fly reconnaissance missions for homeland security, search and rescue and disaster relief, and even counterdrug reconnaissance at the request of government or law enforcement agencies. They transport medical personnel and supplies, blood and live tissue. In times of disaster, they assess damage and transport emergency personnel from site to site.

The Civil Air Patrol’s aircraft are hangared at strategic locations throughout the nation to be readily available when missions arise. CAP members maintain these aircraft at the highest levels of safety and efficiency and have access to specialists at CAP National Headquarters for maintenance, safety and training questions.

You’ll have to satisfactorily complete a flight check and pass a written exam. You’ll also need to complete aircraft questionnaires for each plane you’re qualified to fly. As a CAP pilot, you perform some of the organization’s most important work. CAP is also a great place for you to meet and work with people who share your interest in flying and want to use their skills in a meaningful way.

If anyone is interested they can contact me directly or for more information visit

Civil Air Patrol – USAF Auxiliary