Sky-Nets Create WiFi Network for General Aviation

Sky-Nets, Ltd. announced on September 20, 2006, the creation of a new Wi-Fi hotspot network which will serve the general aviation community with free secured wireless Internet access in Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) at airports throughout the United States. The hotspot network will be funded by sponsors, which enables Sky-Nets to provide pre-configured hotspot equipment to participating FBOs at no charge while also giving free access to users.

This new hotspot network will help make certain that general aviation pilots and passengers have wireless Internet access readily available from their laptop or PDA for various applications, such as accessing the Internet and obtaining weather reports and airport information.

In addition, Sky-Nets offers many other benefits to the general aviation community, which includes ensuring everyone has an effective and safe Wi-Fi experience by providing tips on using hotspots and software to encrypt user connections while using Sky-Nets’ Wi-Fi hotspots. Without this software, user traffic is exposed to nearby wireless eavesdroppers which could lead to identity theft and invasion of privacy. This is typical of the majority of public wireless networks throughout the world. The Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Secure Client Software, however, solves these issues and makes the wireless hotspot connection very secure.

The hotspot network also creates a unique method for general aviation companies and organizations to market their brand. Sky-Nets offer different sponsorship levels to accommodate varying marketing goals and financial situations. Sky-Nets is currently pursuing “founding” sponsorships in order to go live and start deploying hotspots at FBOs.

Participating FBOs of the Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network will likely receive more aircraft activity and visitors due to offering free wireless Internet access. The FBOs can advertise the availability of the hotspot on their websites, and the hotspots will be listed in online hotspot directories.

In addition, the hotspot equipment given free-of-charge to the FBOs provides an easy way to integrate or create a secured private wireless network for internal use while providing public wireless access, even when using a single Internet connection. Furthermore, FBOs having existing public Wi-Fi networks can use the free Sky-Nets equipment to expand the hotspot coverage area.

While FBOs wait for the Sky-Nets Hotspot Network to go live, they can sign-up on the waiting list and will be notified when deployment begins. At that time, the free pre-configured hotspot equipment and other materials, such as “Wi-Fi here” window decals and posters, will be disbursed according to the order of FBOs on the waiting list and available funding.

The Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network is scheduled to begin deployment and go live in early 2007. For more information about the program you can visit

About Sky-Nets:

Sky-Nets, Ltd. was created in 2006 by Eric Geier, a wireless networking and computing consultant and author. Eric is an author and contributor of several books, including Wi-Fi Hotspots: Setting Up Public Wireless Internet Access published by Cisco Press, and is a regular contributor of tutorials and product reviews on For several years, he was employed as a consultant and instructor with Wireless-Nets, a consulting firm focusing on the implementation of wireless mobile solutions and training.

Sky-Nets Create WiFi Network for General Aviation